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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Yes it's stupid o'clock, yes I'm awake, no I can't sleep.
Was woken up about 20 minutes ago by some very loud laughter coming from the living room. Was going to just go in and say, 'could you keep it down', which just turned into "Shhhh!" when I got there...went back to bed and coulnd't get back to sleep so I decided to be productive and finish off the last of the CSz packs. I'm cold. And I feel rather sick. Blergh.
I only went to bed about half one. It's just after hald five now. I'm going to be shattered today. I have an early morning every day this week now til Sunday. I'm stupid.
I actually do feel really stupid right now.
AH well.
Kitty doesn't like the lid thing I put on the cat litter tray, hopefully he'll still use it, who knows. I hope he does. Would rather not be cleaning up a load of poop tomorrow, as well as being tired and sick.
He doesn't like being closed in, boxes and all (unless he puts HIMSELF in them) so we'll see if the need to poop becomes so much that he has to go in there... failing that I'll just take it off and the whole world will be able to see all.
Trying to come up with a decent CSz pack for primary schools. Not really sure how to market it, as a play day or something more serious? I don't know.
I spent most of tonight talking to Chris about how crap I feel about myself. Yes, self pity, blah blah.... just going through another stage of that i think. It all came up cos I'm really struggling for work over the summer, something may turn up, but what if it doesn't? Down to Somerfield I think... I have prior "Beep" experience.
I get my new car THIS SATURDAY! And I'm meeting the Katester in a matter of hours in Manchester... so I have some things to look forward to. Once again worried that my life's going to end up in a slump of stress and worry (ha, when's it not) but I don't want to go that way again. Anyway, going to get on with addressing these envelopes.


  • At March 29, 2006 8:17 am, Blogger Rachel said…

    Now the only reason you can't get work over Summer is cause you're jaunting of to America for most of it - so it's no reflection on your talented self.

    And if you have to work for a few months in Somerfield, so what! You get a decent payoff for it (i.e. sunshine and laughter in your favourite country). It's your last Summer in the US - make the most of it.

  • At March 29, 2006 2:14 pm, Blogger Bron said…

    as it happens.. I got an email this morning giving me three weeks of work!!!!!!


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