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Friday, March 03, 2006

wow, I just realised it's March! THe last week has been fraught with shitty moments (and some nice ones of course) that have started to get on top of me, as they tend to do. As Chris says though I am much stronger than I used to be and am mostly managing to not let things get to me in a paralysing way.
At some point I may laugh at at least one of the things that has happened but right now I'm still stressing... but remind me to tell you all what happened at work on Wednesday at some point.
It's currently snowing like a bitch outside... see pic... which is pretty, but Ben and Killian are en route to a gig miles away in it, i keep getting scared texts. Bless.
Three minute warning went well, and the website will be updated properly this weekend. Lots of fun including a rather funny dance that CHris invented on the night! ROCK!
Anyhoo - curry awaits ;)


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