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Friday, June 16, 2006

Karaoke (as I'm informed it's ACTUALLY spelt) again last night. Chris treated me to a curry first as I've been feeling a bit off recently. Then we met the Tav, Cat (who has a gorgeous voice we discovered last night), Killian, Spider and John P at the Karaoke. I sang Ironic, in an ironic way, then Tav and I did Don't Go Breaking My Heart. Including a rather sexy dance break.

Sandwich Suicides is now up on BBC Soup... please vote if you can - more will be appearing shortly.

On a huge upward note (as you can hear on this vid) I chose a song for Chris Tav, and HE SANG IT... enjoy the whitest rendition of Gangsta's Paradise ever!

Off to the gym any second. This is Chris' last day of freedom so I'm trying to get him to come with me. Penultimate rehearsal tonight.

A lovely pic taken on my new camera phone (well, Chris' old one) from the sound box the other night. It's coming together, weds was tough though, especially as I knew I had to get up early the next day... i wasn't in the mood to be honest. It'll get there though. And it'll be fab. Cos everyone wants it to be.

Oh and finally, while clearing all of Chris' stuff off the phone I found a monumentous occasion of Ben Schofield having a word with his dad (get it? get it?)


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