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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Look at me! How much do i rock!
I just did all my taxes AND tax credits in just over an hour!!!!!!!
I kept much better records than last year so it was pretty simple really. I htought I'd be doing that til the early hours so now I'm a bit lost for what to do for the weekend.
I may call my parents shortly for a natter.
Looks like Kitty has another bloody infection! I hate that cat. I'm sorry but this time I'm not paying for it to be looked at. His immune system will just have to look after him. He's technically Ben's cat now anyway as he's agreed to keep him when I move out. HAHAH... fool.
I actually feel good today! Go me. Am trying not to think of ComedySportz though cos lack of space and all that is making me sad. Apart from that things are going good. Just applied for a good paying job in Yorkshire (only a couple of days a week) so I'm really hoping I get that! Fingers crossed for me, it's right up my alley!


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