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Saturday, May 17, 2008


Sorry it's been a little while since I wrote... things have been mad busy, am continuing to win at bingo ;) and am just constantly working... when not working am visiting my mum as she's over at the moment.

ComedySportz show last weekend was good, we had two stag parties in so that was interesting... but went well I thought.
Our attendence seems to be levelling out at around 80 per show now, which is healthy, and they are all buying drinks at the bar so that's good :D

Just finishing a Radio Project which has been good fun - just a shame I've been working so much at the same time :( I wanted to donate much more time to it... I will make sure if I'm asked again next year to get work in semester two with the second years so my work load is less by the time the project starts.

Loads of marking to do - so I'm going to have to get back to that :D



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