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Friday, April 04, 2008

A couple of days aho John started getting tooth ache... i gave him the stuff I used to put on my teeth when they hurt... yesterday he went in to a local dentists and they had a look at it... they offered him a root canal or an extraction...
My first thing was go for the extraction... he wanted a root canal - well, he wanted to keep the tooth... after a think he decided to go with the extraction. Woke up this morning, called them, they said they could fit him in in 20 minutes! So he went over, got it pulled then came home...!
He is very brave, I could never even contemplate any of that.. I'm having enough trouble making myself go for a filling!
Right now he's snoozing after being pampered :D

Did some filming yesterday in Glossop with Dan and Julian, good fun, if not a little rushed at the end as I had to be in Chorley for half 6 to do a drama workshop.
Julian managed to leave his camera in my car so I've just had to pop to Piccadilly to give it back to him! lol


One my way there I got a phone call from T Shirt Xpress, my hoodies were done!

This was a impulse buy on the day I went to get a shirt re done there... i popped into Primark and they had some hoodies in there for only £3... so I bought 10 and took them down to T Shirt Xpress and got them to whack our logos on them :D

They look hot :D
hot in hoodies :D


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