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Monday, March 17, 2008

Well, I am on my 3 weeks holiday now (with the odd day of work dotted here and there of course - well, it is me ;) ) so I have time to fill you all in stuff!
Firstly - ComedySportz at the Store mark 3!

A smaller crowd (just under 70) but we are blaming the weather, the roads and the trains... oh and a Manchester United Football match... basically, unless you wanted to walk through the sheet of water that was the rain, it was almost impossible to get to the Store for 5pm.
It was a fun match, although I felt rotten all morning. I'm still not feeling 100% now if I'm honest, but am much better than then. There was a lot of tension before the show, I hope I didn't cause it, cos I really wasn't very responsive. Anyhoo, we went on and had a better than average show (not amazing, but certainly not poop), the red team won i think... I can't even remember.. oops. Chris had volunteered to step out of the match - he's regretting that now as he's in Toronto for the April date, Golcar for the May date and watching wrestling for the June date! FAIL!

Things of note... we had a very funny game of Changing Scenes! I am not a fan of this game - not cos it's rubbish or anything (cos it's not) but just because it's one of 'those' games... one of the games all improv troupes do, one of the games that is on Whose Line, one of the games that I've seen sooooo many times. However, I didn't veto it, and I'm pleased cos it went great!

Secondly - had a lovely day out with John

After my two and half weeks non stop work John kidnapped me for the day to the Lake District. I am spoiled by that man. However, the castle we were supposed to view was across a lake that there were no boats for and the museum we went to closed early so we had to rush around it! ;) Hehe, was still a lovely day. Oh, and I forgot to mention the bigotted misogynist that ran the pub that we ate in!
Was a great day though. We want to do more exploring when we have time.

Thirdly - Embarrassment

Ugh - it's even hard to write this one... I went to a School Review at work the other day - I didn't really know what it was, as it hadn't been explained to me. I had even been left off the list for it! Anyway, when i got there it sent me straight back to Surrey, everyone had suits and were middle aged - I was, well, me. Stood there in my duffel coat and pink hair. After a few minutes I wandered off to find where the students were at and had a nice chat with Fay (one of my third years who also does work with me off and on). I stuck with them for the rest of the afternoon... so much so that I wandered into a meeting with them that it became very apparant I shouldn't be in when they were all talking about tutors... I made myself known and scarpered (after explaining a couple of things from the tutors side) but I felt horribly embarrassed :( nearly cried when i left, I hate feeling like that.

Fourthly and finally for now - Babies

Before I start - I have no maternal genes. I don't wish to look at babies, I don't want to hear about babies, I officially hate babies.
John's brother just had his first child yesterday.
Of course I'm very happy for them and I know John's really pleased... but I can't join in. There is something about babies that just makes me fill with rage. I don't get it, they are not cute, they are not interesting to me at all. When I'm around them I get so angry I innevitably do something that upsets the owner. I do not want to hold your baby! Why would I want to?
Now... kittens I get.
Anyhoo - that's me, I need a shower.


  • At March 17, 2008 8:47 pm, Blogger Jillo said…

    I agree with you about babies. They're loud and smelly and just generally useless, in my opinion. I'm happy for those who want them and have them, but I know for certain I am not one of those people, either.

    Solidarity, Sister!


  • At March 21, 2008 11:45 am, Blogger Jenn said…

    Well, I am one of those baby-loving people. Yes, I see one and I want to make faces at it and make it laugh. Not everyone has that 'maternal' thing built in. My oldest daughter should NEVER have kids; she doesn't like them and and probably won't ever have any. but my younger one, I can see her being a mom.

    I love my kids, they are awesome - but you don't have to pay for kittens to go to college, so I can definitely see the trade-off. :)


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