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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

is Dee going to return to Neighbours?!??! (OK, I am still watching the aussies eps)... they used her voice for a reading of a letter and there's a big storyline about her... how weird... hmmm


I've not really sat down since this all happened so now I can tell you the story of my camera...

On Friday, before John and I left for Durham to see his parents I bought a new camera!

I spent ages on Ebay trying to get a good deal so I didn't spend more than I'd spent originally and therefore also spending more money than I shoudl on something I shouldn't need to be spending it on... if that makes sense..

I moved money... i emailed the guy to say THANKS SO MUCH for me new camera to replace the one I'd been pining for and missing for a week... I was about to leave for Durham, so i thought I'd check my email one last time.

Lucky I did.

Aparantly my camera had been FOUND!!!

Yes, when I went in to ask (and bare in mind my students had done the same for me a few days earlier) there was aparantly no camera.
A week later to the day it turns up!
Aparantly the woman on the desk didnt' know what she was tlking about... it had been there all the time.
I was very annoyed.
And still am a bit.

Above was the last picture that was taken on it.... but then this one to the right turned up on it... my reckoning was that someone considered nicking it, but it was too big and scary so took one picture and decided against it ;)

anyone want to buy a camera?


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