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Friday, January 25, 2008

Wow... the last few days have been a bit mad...

Went to a school on wednesday - it was a great workshop. Good to see John and Ben up and at them again, and Sean making his workshop debut.
On the way there my car was wobbling - it had been doing it for a week or so so I figured I'd leave it til I got it to its MOT on Thursday...
Thursday morning I got up early (not as early as the 5.30am I did the day before!) and drove to the doctors in Withnell to get my back looked at again - I am still waiting for a spine specialist of some description to get in touch with me. Then I headed over to drop my car off for its MOT.
I was told it was going to take a little longer than i expected so i decided to get the bus into Chorley (£4.65!!)... met up with lil sis and had a nice day with her, i bought a stupid amount of hair dye, and keya bought some glasses at Specsavers!...
Longer day with Keya than I expected really - cos my 3 year old car FAILED its first ever MOT!
Aparantly that wobbling... well... it was the tyres about to blow up! The tread had got so thin they were cracking and breaking apart...
So I was stranded.
Keya dropped me at my 6.30pm work apt in Chorley, and then I got the train home (which was cheaper than going from Mawdsley to Chorley!)..

Today I had to get up at 8am to get John to work so I could take his car to my Dentist appt! God I hate the dentist..... if you want to know how much click here ... he said I need two fillings... I need to get them book is SOON or else I'll chicken out.

Then I had a meeting at the Uni, then had to go and pick John up from work so we could drive back and get MY car... On the way back I went and picked up the amp from my old house and dropped it at Chris's in Salford and went to watch Sean in a play...

I am now home

I am tired....

Tomorrow I have 5 hours of workshops and a show

Sunday I have a premiere

Monday I start getting busier

ah my life... ;)


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