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Sunday, January 13, 2008

I'm excited again.
I've not felt so excited about CSz since the end of 2003 when we got our new shirts!
Everything is just going so well... I don't want to jinx it.. but we appear to be the new up and coming thing in Manchester... if only more people knew ;)
Last nights show was fantastic!! We had close to the number that we had in for our Festival show there. There was a Stag party of about 20 lads, I was reffing.. and I will admit, I was scared. I've never reffed when there's been a group like that in... but it went great! We got the Stag up on stage to join in, the lads loved us! It was an amazing feeling cos it's something I have always been terrified of. It just goes to show again how foolproof this format is! I love Dick Chudnow and all the 'founding fathers' of CSz... the format is what makes this form of Improv work so well! MWAH!

Julian came and took some pictures again, so hopefully he will send me over some this afternoon :D Then I'll whack them on this blog and the CSz new blog...

check that out too: idea nicked from Milwaukee ;)

There were a couple of bum technical problems, due to our crappy laptop (but we have a new one now!) but overall the show was just as good as the last one! And SOOO much fun!

Before all that we had our first lot of workshops, and then the new and improved Second Group! After the show we also went and did ANOTHER show at the Dancehouse in Manchester. Just a 20 minute slot as part of a whole thing. The room was rammed by the time we finished :D It was well good- Chris reffed so I played... buzzin!




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