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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Had a fantastic time in Dallas!
I will write more about it next week when I'm home... right now I have a horrible cold (as per for this time of year) including coughing up solid lumps of green stuff, which is a first for me. I mean SOLID people! Weird.
I have lots of fun pix from Dallas too, and my hair has changed colour... but I will upload those when I'm back home and on a broadband connection again.
I am ready to go home now, lots of things I need to do, and I miss John :(
Plus I'm spending far too much money.
Welch - I got you another little gem for your house ;)
As I'm flying back tomorrow I like to be as tired as possible soI can sleep on the plane... I met Justin at Lake Mills and we headed to ComedySportz for the evening.. Met up with Michele again which was nice and watched a couple of shows.
I really want to get Justin involved with CSz I think he would love it.
Next time I'm over I have to make sure I have some proper Michele time, not just snatched moments, was great to see her, would have been nice to escape the arena and chat about girly things... lol
Michele knew Justin already from the Madison ComedySportz workshops, see how small the world is!!


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