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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Trolley Cars!!
Dallas has a load of free Trolley Cars that go through the city... so we hopped on and off a couple of those.
We went down/up town (never sure which it is) and watched 'Juno', which I really enjoyed!! I would suggest it to anyone.. especially if you're an Arrested Development fan ;)
Jill took me to another veggie resturant... this time a Greek one.
Now, we should have realised what this place was going to be like when we arrived. Firstly, we were the only customers. Secondly as soon as we arrived BOTH members of staff pounced on us. Thirdly they still had their Xmas stuff out all over the tables.
So, we ordered, after many glasses of water (some of which had ended up on the table thanks to the waiter... more about him later) and no mention of anything other than water or wine. I was told that I should order the Mousaka - about three times, while trying to order what I actually wanted. I tried to explain I don't like eggplant and zuchini (aubergine and courgettes) but she still thought I should have it... i decline again and she took my order... as well as some humous that I wasn't expecting to order...but ther you go.
We sat there having and nice chat and the homous arrived, it was very nice... then my soup arrived... that was very nice too... then my main course arrived... mmmm... but this time I was full and Jill was yet to eat!
Eventually the hippie waiter (who I'm sure was having his first day there) brought Jills food wrapped in tin foil! Now, maybe this was part of the dish - but to me it looked like he was supposed to have maybe taken that off before he brought the food over. By this time there were more people in the place, most of whom were complaining about their lack of food or bills...
Eventually Jill finished her food, we were asked to sign the guestbook (?), Jill used the broken toilet, and we left.
One trolley car later and we were back to the car, and back to the house for snoozes.
We had our curry tonight, but unfortunately Jenn couldnt' get there :(
Von, his wife and child and Tim turned up.
We were telling Tim about the waiter and I mentioned how it must have been his first day. Tim said he'd been there before... and it wasn't.
Lovely day... have to be up at 5am tomorrow! Back to the snow... but also back to my mum and the Country Buffet :D


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