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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Spent the day with Jill. I took five showers!!
Yes, she made me feel so disgusted with myself.... noooooo not really. The big hair change over occurred today. Started by getting rid of the colour that was on over the top of my natural colour. That stuff STANK! Oh wait, before all this, we went to CVS and bought the stuff and Jill pretended she was from New York and I pretended i was from England... oh wait, that's true.
SO anyway, this stuff STANK... but it got all the colour out so my hair looked all blondeish...
Next we bleached it a bit so it went even blonder! I've not been blonde for a year and a half... oh, since the LAST time Jill played with it ;)
So after that was the Pink and Purple stage... it soon became apparant that we would have to go out and get more as only the top part of my head was covered...
This led to an embarrassing jaunt across town to get hair dye with only half a head of hair complete... lol
Quite funny really.
So by the end of the day i was pink.

We were supposed to go and have a curry with Jenn and Von tonight but Jenn wasn't very well so we postponed it to tomorrow. Which is great cos I'm getting a bad cold :( I hate colds, they always go to my chest and ears...
We watched 'House', the Chris Tallman episode. I've never seen House and I quite enjoyed it! I will have to watch more.
Today we also went to a vegetarian resturant called Cosmic Cafe, it was basically a house come resturant! It was great! I even ate beans, people! Lovely food, and everything on the mebu I could eat! There's only one veggie place I go to in the UK, and I always get excited that I can eat ANYTHING on the menu...
Jill nearly died on the road outside. I forgot you're not supposed to just cross the road willy nilly over here... and just headed out... though Jill was right behind me... DOH!


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