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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Xmas day was lovely... we were supposed to be in the cabin - but it was a bit too snowy up there, so we had it here at the house in Cambridge.

Fun was had, snow was sledged on and made into snowmen.

We are heading up to the cabin this morning. THen tomorrow John and I are heading up to Minnesota and playing CSz at the Twin Cities venue... should be good fun :)

I am sad that John isn't here for very long, so I'm trying to make it the best Xmas ever for him... we had great fun yesterday just messing about in the snow... We decided it was great that we can have so much silly fun and both be in our 30's (well, me not quite yet) and not have to have kids around to make it happen... we are still kids at heart. Which is great.

We are also heading to the Mall of America tomorrow to buy pressies. I need pressies for EVERYONE!


Looking forward to my jaunt to Dallas to spend time with the Jill!
I don't think they have snow there ;)
Off I go.. like the wind.... speak soon (ps the cabin has no internet or mobile reception... so catch you on the flip side)


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