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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I hate my back!

Today was another day when my back just decided to not play games at all!
I got up, was quite happy, although had niggles in my back(but then, when DON'T I?) went about my business. Sat on the computer, heard the door bell, handed over my camcorder to the man from DHL (put some pants on before I opened the door... it will become aparant why I mention this later...).
I went back to my computer to await Chris and Claire coming round to do some work together.
I put my arms over my head and stretched. And CRUNCH! CRACK! RIP!
Instant agony.
Exactly what I did a year and a half ago at the old flat when Chris had to take the day off to look after me cos I was in agony and couldn't move.
I hobbled into the living room and pretty much collapsed on the floor.
I got comfy, in a stupid position, and lay there for about half an hour... Chris called me and I told him what had happened, but figured I'd still be able to meet up and do some work...
I then began to try and get up.
And kept trying for 20 minutes, tears streaming down my face. My right arm wasn't really working at this point, and any movement was torture.
They arrived and I was still trying to get up.
They must have waited 10 minutes outside while I struggled up.
Answered the door and felt a fool.
Claire gave me some of the medication she's currently taking for her back (naughty but to be honest I'd have probably taken ANYTHING at that point!).
I only found out later it was cocodimol and some sort of ibuprofen. I realised it must have been something like that when i was sat at the computer in much less pain but feeling very very strange while trying to do some work.
Right now I'm in pain again.
I'm supposed to be going to London tomorrow to Visit the Welch and then headed to Milton Keynes the day after to do a School ... right now I don't know if that will be possible :(

Anyway... at least my arm's working again... bah

ps - it was lucky I'd put my pants on or Claire and Chris would have got a shock when they arrived...


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