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Friday, November 30, 2007

Interesting couple of days... mad busy!

We found out that the fire is avaiable for usage as a REAL fire... lol, so we set it going last night... it was really nice... til the wood kept going out, so John went back out to get some coal - it all worked a lot better from then on.

I had Hot Chocolate by the fire.... and then a chocolate bar... I've not eaten a chocolate bar (a full one) for probably a year... so that was interesting...
Not that I should start eating loads of them! I'm still at least two stone over weight!
So yesterday I went to a school in Blackpool to do a half day workshop... was good fun. Best one we've done there (we've been a few times before) so that was good.
Chris and Tom cut their teeth in the workshop area too, so that's good... more people in the 'throng'.

Wore me out though to be honest... THEN I went pretty much straight to a nightclub where I was to film for 5 hours! I was shattered, and a nightclub is not my favourite place.
So there we have it.
Today I am tired and sore... and I need a bath...


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