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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Wow, what a weird day.... but first, what a great day yesterday!
After all my stressing (so what's new?) about a seminar i was to talk at, it went great! I took Chris, john and Sean and we did a couple of examples of improv. Then I talked about Teaching Improv... and I really enjoyed it! And all the other people's talks about musical improv. It was fascinating!
My brain was buzzing all night.
After that I went to Chris's for some pizza and Binx cuddling and then on to Mirth on Monday to watch John playing Danny... i walked in just as he was about to go on - and he was fantastic.
Slaughter House Live was also on that night and I had a chat with them, also saved the show a little by nipping home and grabbing one of my mics, as they needed two.

Anyway... today...
I met Welch in town after work, and me, her, her mum and sister all went around looking at wedding dresses for her!
It was like I was in an alternate universe! A whole new world I'd never seen before!
She looked gorgeous in pretty much everything! She even talked about maybe coming to the states with me next summer which would be FANTASTIC! I bet she still has a few dollars knocking around ;)

That was good fun.

I was supposed to be editing some work the other day but I couldnt' find the tape I needed so I did this instead... one of a series of 5 ;)
Where are they Now? - The Milky Bar Kid

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