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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Calm before the storm... I've spent all day working today.. apart from a brief 30 seconds when I scared john.

He plays computer games.

I find this a bit annoying (I mean, why play computer games when you can play with me? ahem, well you know what I mean... and to be honest he doesn't play them anywhere NEAR as much as my last bf)... so as he's sat behind me i lean over and start whispering at his head phones 'they're coming to get you.. they're coming to get you'...

I watch his playing and it's getting a bit more irratic.... he starts searching around the 'room'...

'they're coming... they're going to get you....'

he keeps looking, I don't know how he's not noticed me, I'm right next to his face

'they're going to gauge your eyes out'

then he turned, saw me next to him and shat himself!


Made me wee with laughter.

Aparantly (and I didnt' know this) there are lots of little voices in this game, so he was looking around the 'room' to find where it was coming from, he had no idea it was me, or that I was sat right next to him.

He then ran out of the room and didn't come back for 5 minutes.

Mission accomplished.

Anyway... last night we had a CSz match... fairly good.. was Tavners first as Ref.. he did a pretty good job... held his own certainly.

We even played a fun last second decided game of Pick a Play... went well... video is on facebook.. and if you're not on facebook YOU NEED TO BE!


  • At October 22, 2007 6:06 am, Blogger Jenn said…

    If he's never sat for more than 12 hours playing an online game, I say count yourself lucky. :)

  • At October 22, 2007 12:55 pm, Anonymous John said…

    I jumped out of my skin! cow. I love gaming, I only game when there are really good games out. once completed i am done. Bron dislikes the kind of games I play, but then she is a bit weird* and doesn't like watching fictional telly unless she can guess what is going to happen.

    * in a nice way x


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