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Sunday, October 07, 2007

What a lovely day... John decided that I was far too stressed and kidnapped me for a day in the countryside... Cheshire countryside to be exact.
We went to lovely picturesque Beeston Castle. Walked up a very steep hill to get to the top, but it was worth it - the view was gorgeous. I was surprised how popular the place was though to be honest. Loads of families with little kids. We commented on how we tend to forget that there are 'good' parents in the world too, who care about their children's upbringing and sense of character to bring them to places like this. You get so bogged down with thinking that all kids are annoying little skallies (well you do if you work where I do sometimes ;) ).
So we wandered and chatted, and I took pictures (duh) and John took some pictures too, and then we headed back down.
On our way there we had seen signs for a place called 'The Candle Workshops' ... this sounded interesting to me so we decided to find it... this took us a weird way, as the road it was on was closed... on the way we discovered (thanks Sean for texting us about this! Sean is from this area) the Ice Cream Farm!

The ice cream was LOVELY! Proper fresh made stuff... in fact to prove it they had a little screen you could watch them making it in the back! As some bloke commented behind me while I was taking this picture "She's got no gloves on that one!" I suppose if you're sticking your hands in ice cream you want to keep them warm ;)

We then wandered over to look at the animals... they were cute, and desperately wanted a bite out of our icecreams - especially the goat! We then headed over to the falcanry and stared at some owls and falcans, who stared at us - some of the saddest birds I've ever seen... however, I suppose they are nocturnal, they may have just been tired.
After that we decided not to bother with the candle workshops, and headed home with our fresh farm eggs and various other random bits and pieces we bought (mmmm garlic lanacshire cheese!)

Just made some poached eggs and toast for tea... life is good again...



oh! and I nearly forgot to post the winner of the Gayest Duck Competition of the day...


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