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Friday, October 19, 2007

What a positive day yesterday!

We are well and truley gearing up for our match at the Store!

Walking in and seeing our faces up next to another Chorley bloke, Dave Spikey was quite exciting (and also Steve Royale who's playing the Store with Slaughterhouse Live too... which is brilliant by the way!!)
We started by appearing on Key 103 for about an hour, we played New Choice and Bad Movie and it went GREAT! Best radio bit ever! Loads of fun, and the host (Justin Moorhouse) just left us to it! Didn't try to crowbar in or anything, unlike other DJ's we've worked with before. Should have got someone to tape it :(
Justin was impressed by our ComedySportz mints... mental note... order more mints!
Then we went to the Manchester Comedy Festival Launch Party. A poor turn out I thought, but a nice atmosphere. After 2 hours of eating canapes we went upstairs to watch the Comedy Store Players.. yes, Richard Vranch, swoon. They seemed to struggle a bit at the start. But you could tell the audience was loving it, they just weren't used to it.

John had a little chinwag with most of the Players, I was too nervous and uncomfortable as usual, so I kept my distance.

After this we went for a curry at the place that is fast becoming my favourite curry house - Spicy Hut. Mmmm garlic curry! Nicest thing ever!

Right I have to go and return all the lovely equipment from the last project I did, today. Sad.
Oh, and I have decided I'm done with 'friends', I'm going to concentrate on Friends from now on.


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