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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Something stolen off Jillio's blog... to help you learn more about yourself and all that... Living Responsibly

Sentence completion:
Sometimes when things aren't going well I make myself helpless by - being ill or pathetic
The good thing about making myself helpless is - i will get attention, and that makes me feel better about myself
Sometimes I try to avoid responsibility by blaming - people who are closest to me, then I would usually turn it on myself.
Sometimes I keep myself passive by - avoiding listening, avoiding situations
Sometimes I use self-blame to - make me realise what I need to do better. It sometimes comes across as sounding like I'm fishing, but it rarely is.
If I took more responsibility while working - I would be dead!
If I took more responsibility for the success of my relationship - I would be pleased, this is the best relationship tus far.
If I took responsibility for every word I utter - I would have sleepless nights
If I took responsibility for my feelings - I would probably be happier, my feelings usually make me ill.
If I took responsibility for my actions, moment by moment - I would get fit
If I took responsibility for my happiness - I would probably still feel like i didn't deserve it.
If the only meaning in my life is the meaning I'm willing to create - then I need to get on top of that. I dont' know why I'm here, but I love teaching. I suppose my meaning is to make other people find theirs?
If I were willing to breathe deeply and fully experience my own power - I would make the phone calls, chase the money and tell people I'm good and my company's good!
If I were willing to see what I see and know what I know - I would be so much more confident
Right now it is very clear that - I need to stop obessessing over things and people. i need to make MYSELF happy, not use other people to make that happen.

One of the ways I can take more responsibility in regard to ____is to _____.

work - make my own phone calls, be confident in what I do, and what I teach.

freelance work - tell people how good i am!

health - exercise. I am out of shape, not that I've ever really been in shape, but I'm at least two stone overweight, and I can do something about that if I really tried!

house - respect it more

art - perform more, rather than just organising it

comedy - enjoy it!

more sentence completion:

I practice greatest self-responsibility when I - doa good job, do my 'homework' on time and organise.
I most avoid self-responsibility when I - put things off, don't phone people cos I'm scared of the outcome. Don't approach things that need approaching
When I am self-responsible, I feel - a big bogged down
When I avoid self-responsibility I feel - a bit free-er, like it's not my fault
If any of what I am writing is true - erm... it is.

I don't know what I'm supposed to gain from that, but it felt interesting to do.


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