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Friday, November 16, 2007

Not enough updating really is there... I've been burried under yet more stuff... although granted, I'm able to take everything at a much slower pace again.

Currently looking for a missing tape :-/ I'm supposd to edit what's on it asap... eek... I'm sure it's in a safe place.

Am currently taping off Dracula Spectacular... the WORST CYT show ever... not due to the kids... but just, well, everyone and thing else... *sigh* makes my heart hurt to see how scared some of those kids were on the stage... anyway....

Am trying to get the flat in a bit more of an order... John had a bad gig last night and I want it to feel nice and cosy for him.

His birthday was nice :) He wore his new sexy shirt and got lots of Dr Who excitement.. I even watched an ep in bed with him last night... well kind of, I think I fell asleep ;)


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