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Thursday, November 08, 2007

just realised it'd been ages since I blogged!
I've been soooo busy.. it's just calming down.
Just completed the CSzUK corporate video... so Chris should be getting on top of all that soon... finally ;)

Got a couple more school bookings this week - from NEW SCHOOLS! Rock!
And work's been good and busy... am supervising some third year work, so I'm excited about that :D
am toying with the idea of getting a proper agent... I mean, I have a healthy workload but I can always do more.. who knows.. I may even get famous ;)
I bought 2 new pairs of glasses today. Went to Specsavers ... much as it pains me to write this... I really, initially, SHOULD HAVE GONE TO SPECSAVERS!
They were cheaper and so much nicer and more explanatory to me than Vision Express. And of course, two for one... so now I have 4 pairs (one with reactor lights) so I wont get caught out when I forget them any more! (cos I keep doing that... I've only been wearing them for 6 months... I STILL forget to put them on in the morning).
They also told me something that Vision Express didn't... but that i WAS told years ago in the States. I have Astigmatism:
It is a defect of the eye, where vision is blurred
by an irregularly shaped
cornea. The cornea,
instead of being shaped like a sphere, is ellipsoidal (like an egg) and reduces
the cornea's ability to focus light. Astigmatism is a
refractive error of the eye in which there is a
difference in degree of
refraction in different
meridians (i.e., the eye has different focal points in different planes.) For
example, the image may be clearly focused on the
retina in the horizontal
(sagittal) plane, but not in front of the retina in the vertical (tangential)
plane. Astigmatism causes difficulties in seeing fine detail, and in some cases
vertical lines (e.g., walls) may appear to the patient to be leaning over. The
effects of astigmatism of the eye can often be corrected by prosthetic lenses
with a
cylindrical lens (i.e. a lens that has
different radii of curvature in different planes),
contact lenses, or refractive surgery.

So there.
They tried to correct it when I lived in the states, but when I moved back my optician took it out of my prescription.
Now it's back, and I can see clearer than ever.... only I always have to wear my specs.
Which I don't mind too much if I'm honest... they suggested contact lenses... maybe in the future but not right now.
I played my first match with my glasses the other week and it was OK... but I'm not sure I'd want to play in them all the time, so that may be when I get contacts.

Anyway, that's enough from me I think.


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