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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

ComedySportz god Dick Chudnow just wrote this on the forum:

  • A door closes, a door opens.

  • Good will happen from this.

And you know what... he is so right!

It has taken til now for me to realise how true that is.

1) If the Theatre hadn't been d*&ks we wouldn't have found Chorley Football Club

2) If Chorley Football Club hadn't been d*&ks we wouldn't have moved to Manchester.

3) If Space Bar hadn't been expensive d*&ks we wouldn't have tried to find a new venue to do our workhops - and therefore wouldn't have found The Comedy Store

4) If Salford Arts Theatre hadn't been poo we wouldn't have striven to find a new venue

5) IF ALL OF THOSE DOORS HADN'T CLOSED... we would not be playing a regular show at the World Famous Comedy Store... beginning January 12th

Things are pretty good really.


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