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Sunday, February 17, 2008

the last couple of days have been shit.
I've cried loads, and even punched myself for being so stupid as to lose my camera... here's the story:

I got up on Friday ready for a remote I've been worrying about for weeks...
Got a phone call from Direct Line, aparantly I have no legal cover with them, so I have to chase down my OWN excess repayment from the insurance company that owe it me... I dont' have the reciept any more, I was sure I'd sent it to Direct Line - aparantly not. SO I called the break down place, they can't issue me with a new one... so I may never see that money.
THEN I realise I don't have my camera while packing up for the show... I run around the house desperately searching, go down to the car in my pyjamas, it's not there... manage to get my bare foot stuck in some goo near the door, bang my toe badly as I lift my leg up to the sink and just start crying... and don't stop for a good while, til I realise it's only 20 minutes before everyone arrives to go to Reading... so I have a shower and pull myself together.
On the way there my students inform me that the camera has not turned up.

The show, was ok, not great, but ok.

Get home at 2.30am, John in Leciester. Wake up at 9am feeling like I'd not slept, remembered about the camera... got sad again.
Got everything ready to go to Leciester.
Arrived at venue, Chris didn't bring some of the stuff I needed for the show...
Laptop breaks.
Dog pisses on my coat.

the end


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