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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Is it wrong to look at photos of people you went to school with who still only pretty much hang out with the people you went to school with and think "I'm so glad I'm not them!"

Not that I'm mocking the people i was at school with, there are still a small handfull of them I socialise with, actually, now I think of it.. there's only three, and out of those three only one I really still see on a regular basis!

I didn't really like myself at school - actually, that's a lie, I loved myself, but in hindsight I don't like what I was. I was picked on savagely, given death threats, countless offers of fights, mocked, kicked, stolen from, etc... but at the time it really didn't bother me. All that bothered me was did I get told off from the teachers... that was the worst thing. I wasn't a swot at all, but I did like to be thought of as all knowing (not much changed there) and 'good'.
I annoyed people at school, sometimes for being just different, sometimes for being a know it all, sometimes for just trying my best...

I suppose what I'm trying to say is - I'm glad I'm so far away from all that now. I'm still in the process of liking myself, but it's hard when I think of what I used to be like when I did...


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