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Sunday, December 28, 2008

am currently sat in the living room typing on my lovely new mini laptop, it's cute!!
Christmas was nice, it gets less and less christmassy every year though... possibly because we spent most of the actual day driving.
I am tired... I am slowly getting things done, but I am just tired.
I am feeling a little taken for granted at work, money we were promised before Xmas has not arrived (and therefore a number of peoples xmasses were a bit leaner)
John and I have agreed that this january we are, again, going to start looking after ourselves.
I am over 3 stone over weight and feel very sluggish, John feels the same.

Here are my new years resolutions:

Lose weight and get fitter
See this therapy through
Sort out work for the summer that is not in Chorley
Be less afraid with new things
Go to Chicago and have some Improv Training action!
Push myself forward more at work
Read more (text books especially)
Get my PGCE started
Ride my bike more
And following Danny Wallace's message - Say Yes More!

I may add more to that at some point... when I'm less tired... ;)


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