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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Well, you're all lucky cos I'm been too miserable to write on here... i usually get down around september time - too much sitting on my bum.

I got my office today!! YAY! It may only be mine til december BOOO... but even so.. am pleased to have a little home :D

I decided today I'm determined to drop a stone before Welch's wedding in December...

I am currently 13 st 3lbs.

I have bought veg and yogurts.

I AM going to use my bike to get to work (unless it's proper chucking it down.. I've even not bought a car park pass!)

Every day I'm going to weigh myself and put my weight on here.. I figure it's the only way to really get anything done - otherwise it's just me on my own and that NEVER works...


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