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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


We went to Dublin to run some workshops. And had tonnes more stuff happen than we thought... hehe

Firstly - We arrived on one of the wettest days on record! We had decided that before we met up with Margo and Conal (our genial hosts) we would spend the day together being couply and seeing stuff. What transpired was a full 4 hours of getting absolutely drenched and trying to film Danny Pensive stuff! My pants were so wet the water had soaked up to my hips! So we went in search of new pants.

Annoyingly once it stopped raining we had booked a coach trip for a few hours, so we spent most of the non raining time sat on a coach (with some very annyoing german kids at the back being very rude!

We met up with Conal and Margo after visiting an old manor house/castle and went straight to the place that they had got John a stand up gig at.

The bloke who ran the gig was from Newcastle and a mock fight nearly broke out ;)

John was fantastic, even half asleep (forgot to mention our flight was at 7am!), and he even got the support act fee! Nice.

The next day we were up early (after getting to bed about 20 hours after we got up that morning!) and headed to the venue for the workshops.

It was great fun!

Everything seemed to work well, both for the beginners and advanced groups.
John was unfortunately killed by some killer balloons in the street - but you can't have everything ;)

Forgot to mention, on the friday we thought we'd check out some of the venues for the Festival (ah yes, that's why we were there, Dublin Comedy Festival - main headliners - Mighty Boosh, Jimmy Carr and Michael Winslow!), so we wandered past the Laughter Lounge and saw some faces on the poster that we recognised! Garry and Stu from Edinburgh.

Garry and Stu are the Stand Players. They run a two man improv show, and they run it very well!

So I texted Garry and managed to blag some freebies for the show Sat night, Margo and Conal also knew someone on the bill and got freebies from him.

So that night we went to see the show. It was a massive aircraft carrier of a room!

Me and John sat there anticipating some rather loud crowds and a bit of a nightmare gig - but it wasn't, it was lovely, and I thoroughly enjoyed every act on the bill.

Afterwards we got to hang out in the green room and play pool with G+S and various other people from the bill.

Was lovely.

The next morning we had to be up very early to get our plane home.
Twas a lovely weekend and we will definately be going again - hopefully next time we can plan it so we get to do some improv and maybe take some more players with us :D



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