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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Well, the rest of America was great!
GOt to LA and stayed at their Kids Camp! Was very jelous, apart from the fact that the location for this is on top of a mountain with a gorgeous School, overlooking the mountains and hills with clear blue sky and sun... they get about 500 kids every summer over 6 weeks!! Mental! And exciting...
Some of these kids travel from all over the states to go there! Fantastic - they are all really keen and wanting to learn. I was in mini heaven.
The next night I stayed with the love of my american life, Brian Allman, who had saved his fantastic facial hair that he grew for a play for me to see! And it was LOVELY. We had some lovely chats and caught up nicely, we even spent an afternoon taking photos! This man loves to pose ;)
That night I met up with Ross and Tom in LA, and we played CSz at the LA space... was good craic. Tom Roche, man of BOTH matches for me... and the only one on the UK team who wasn't nearly asleep!
The next day I took these pictures of Brian and then was dropped with the lovely Myles for Fimo and DVD fun! We had a lovely night just chatting and watching DVDs...
I've never watched so many DVD's in one sitting than I had with Brian and Myles this weekend! lol
ANd I loved it, just hanging out with great pals :D
Myles left for his road trip to Portland at 5am the next morning, and i was still asleep... he left so quietly I didn't hear him go!
So i got up and headed to get my bus to the airport (after locking up Myles' house!)... I managed to stand in the wrong spot for about 20 minutes... slowly burning... til I texted Myles to check... luckily I gave myself an extra hour for just such a stupid move on my part... so yay.
I had such a lovely time in LA, I didn't see any sights, I didn't really go anywhere, I just sat with friends and had an absolute ball!
my boys xx


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