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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

ComedySportz at the Store
I can't help it, but everytime I ref at the Store I get so nervous it makes me ill. It's a gorgeous place, everyone there is so helpful and lovely, but it makes me really nervous.

The crowd is different, we are fast becoming the Stag Party favourite, most likely due to the time of the day that we are on, and the cheap price... and where as I'm coping better with that (we've never had to brown bag any stag party... yet) it's still making me nervous and it's something I'd rather just not have to contend with. Had Chris been at the last few matches I would have put him in to ref. Steven is reffing next time... he's not reffed for a while, so hopefully that wont be a mistake.

Anyway, the match went well, the two massive stag parties that were in enjoyed themselves, and even created a darryl fishwick fan club by the end!

Next match is in Sale, for what I assume will be a younger audience, so I'm looking forward to that...




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