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Monday, May 26, 2008

Been a while since i blogged and as I've earmarked this day as a 'day off' (yes that's rare isn't it!) I thought I'd catch you all up...

Workshops are going well... lots and lots of marking is happening... the flat is a bit of a mess cos both myself and john are so stupidly busy... my mum is visitng at the moment but is going home tomorrow :( ... I am filming tonight for Peter Kay and last week I was a Doctor for Steve Coogan - I looked HOT
I am tired... and this week I have two of my worst fears coming up to haunt me... well technically three... i'm going to hospital to get my back checked out... am going to the dentist to have a filling put in :( and on the same day as that I'm doing a Corporate show dressed as the Michelin Man with a script I only just got! eeeeeeeeeek
right... well, I'm going to enjoy my day off!


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