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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Well, I wasn't there for too much of it to be honest... which was a shame. But it was lovely to see the man again after nearly a month apart!
I went to see his show with his dad, in fact, I surprised him by going a day early - but aparantly I didn't really surprise him as he guessed I'd try to surprise him at some point... lol... I'm so unpredictably predictable!
Now, don't judge me too harshly for this people. But when I saw John's show, I was proud, and happy - but I was also very hurt. This was a show about his life with Eczema, a show that was inpsired by the flare up he had when we moved in together, the flare up that I helped him though, that I held him through, that I watched him go through. This was a show that I'd helped him with by brainstorming, keeping him happy when it was making him sad, not moaning when he'd spend the evenings writing... this was a show about his whole life up to the present.
So I sat and watched it with his dad, for the first time, I'd never seen any previews, he'd never read any of it to me...
It got to a story about his ex , a story which I had suggested he put in there, a rather rude story... and then, the show ended.
And I was kind of sat there just thinking "no, wait, there's a bit more isn't there... you know, the bit where you meet me and we're really happy and you feel really confident and sexy and your flare up and all that, and we live together... " but it ended on his ex girlfriend, and how great SHE made him feel, how she gave him confidence and self estheem.
I was happy for john and his show, but I was hurt.
And, yes I was a bit hurt I wasn't in the show... but I was mostly hurt because it hadn't occurred to him to mention to me at any point that I wasn't going to be mentioned and that the show would end with everyone thinking he was still with his ex (and yes, a lot of people came up to me and assumed that story was about me!).
I didn't tell him I was hurt, because mostly I was proud of him. And his Dad was proud too. He'd overcome a lot of stuff to get this far, and to make such a great show! (some people went to see it two or three times!)
When I told him i was hurt he didn't understand why, he thought it was just because my ego was sore or something... it took a few days for him to grasp that it was more the fact that he hadn't thought to mention it to me before hand... because I'm a creative type too - I understand artistic license and all that... i am not stupid.

Having said all that, our relationship is a lot stronger since Edinburgh - partly because of some serious talks we had, and partly because of the time spent apart.
I love him to bits.

So - other Edinburgh stuff..

ComedySportz - the first show went great! Then I headed back home for a week to do the project I was commissioned to do. Aparantly it all fell apart a bit at that point, I think a combination of attitudes and jet lag... so when i got back the following week there was a fair bit to sort out.
All in all the shows went great. Here's our Four Star Review

ComedySportz @ Laughing Horse Free FestivalComedySportzEveryone knows rules
are no fun, right? So you would understand my concern when I was first
introduced to the 'rules' of ComedySportz, the competitive version of improvised
comedy. I shouldn't have worried. The simple and familiar rules were thus: two
teams of comedians must each come up with an improvised sketch based on an
initial topic suggestion from the audience. Sounds risky? Indeed, but the gamble
definitely paid off as this group proved themselves skilled and funny with a
remarkable ability to think on their feet. They were clearly enjoying
themselves, and it was obvious that this delight rubbed off on the audience.
Surprisingly funny, more than a little bizarre, and a good afternoon of fun for
all the family.Laughing Horse @ Meadow Bar, 10 - 25 Aug, 3.05pm (4.05pm), free,
fpp rating 4/5

And we broke in a couple of new players too ! Which was great!
Am just chuffed we've had our first real review... only taken 6 years to get here!



  • At September 17, 2008 7:34 pm, Blogger Jenn said…

    You know, I had issues like this with a certain comedian-type person I used to date. I wrote many jokes about him, and they were/are not at all flattering, but they were funny! If he had been a person with a soul and a heart, he probably would have been hurt by my making fun of him, or by mentioning happiness that I'd had with anyone else. Lucky for me, he was too self-involved to notice. ;)


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