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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

So to Portland... i nearly didn't make it! I managed to wait in the wrong spot for the bus to the airport for half an hour!! Luckly a text from Myles pointed me in the right direction.
I flew in, found Jenny and was transported to our hotel..
Our hotel was fantastic by the way!! Multicoloured rooms, dishwasher, microwave, sink! Madness. I actually forgot to take a picture of the room which is annoyed but here's their website:

And there was a constant supply of fruit and sweets all day!

Tournament started a bit weirdly for me, not all the guys were there when I was, and they slowly drifted in as time went by... the first night Chris had to share my bed as we were to be up and out of the hotel by 4.30am!! To go and do the TV recording that I already posted below... yes that was shot at about 5am! We were shattered.

Later that day my Jillo arrived and the room family was complete.
Workshops didn't start for another day but I had Managers meetings all day, in a gorgeous house I must add.
Actually I may be getting my days mixed up - serves me right for taking AGES to post all this!

Anyhoo... the first workshop I took was my own! Myles and myself ran a Warm Ups workshop, which was great fun - learned some new ones, and even led the group into making some new ones up! Which I shall be using soon!
New games workshop was great fun! We got up and showed a couple of new games - one that Darryl made up and one that Daisy made up. Great fun - they both went down well (Darryl's so well that Milwaukee played it in their championship match!)
Rick Steadman decided to use me as his Fair Test subject for his ever changing facial hair - the results over the week shown below:

I think Rick only brought two shirts for the whole trip...and how is it possible for an american to be paler than me?!

So, to our match!

My parents came over to Portland to watch! And they got to meet some of my friends, which is always nice.

We had a fun match, seemed a little over competitive at times though, which spoiled the feeling a little for me, but fun was still had.

And for the first time in 5 years.... we didn't win! (although aparantly it was technically a draw... and they didnt' take apoint off for a brown bag the Portland team got... so technically we won... but i'm not really bothered ;) )
More fun was had over the week, but my brain hurts from trying to remember... I will write more when I can
Don't worry, there are LOADS more photos ;)


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