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Thursday, January 08, 2009

I just got back from swimming...

Now, I've not been swimming for many years... but when I was little I used to love it... I even forgot how much I loved it until this morning when John said how well I seemed to swim for someone who didn't swim. I'd forgotten all the times me and dad used to go to the baths and practice diving and flips, I'd forogtten I could do breast stroke, over arm, back stroke etc... I'd just forgotten!
When iw as about 7 I had to have an opertation on my ears... my ears were knakkered, and still are, so I wasn;t allowed to put my head under the water unless I had earplugs in, which, to be honest, took all the joy out of it, my hearing was poor anyway (which I hate) and to conciously make it worse was awful. The only thing that was paralelling that today was the fact I couldn't focus on anything without my specs... but that was small fries.
In recent years my reasons for not going were purely self conciousness. I didnt' like the way I looked in a swimming costume. But I aparantly had a brightly coloured one with shorts attached, that I just found in my chest of drawers.
So this morning me and John went along to the swimming baths... they had to open it up for us! We were pretty much the only two people in there for the most part.
We are planning to go now at least once a week (am trying to talk him into more) I feel so much better for an hour swimming, my back has loosened up and I feel energised.
Loved it!


  • At January 09, 2009 1:40 am, Blogger Jillo said…

    Hey! Does the Chicago hotel have a swimming pool? I know the Tourny one does. I'm totally bringing my swim suit! (Once I patch up the hole in the knee)


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