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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Had a lovely lunch today. The last couple of days I’ve been working in a primary school in Lytham, yesterday I actually went to a restaurant and had a meal BY MYSELF for lunch – this is unheard of for me… and today I took a jaunt into Lytham town centre, and it was very pleasant. I spent about £25 in the charity shops there… Lytham is like Southport and Llandudno combined for the blue rinse brigade… I had a punnet of raspberries for my dinner as well as a cheese pie – hand made. Lovely.
I actually walked around today and felt more like life was good, I’ve been rather down the last few days, proper felt sick to get out of bed down… but I persisted and now I feel much better – although tired as usual, I can’t wait for my holiday!
I am actually a little pink from today too, the weather has been lovely the last few days… a bit too hot in my little Corsa though, no air conditioning… grr
Rehearsal tonight…
Oh before I go… I made myself laugh at the school today… there’s a bit in the show where some lads have to chase Mr Toad… one of the lads fell over today… not hurting himself… but I said ‘and Mr Toad gave them the slip’… hahaha.. hahaha.. hah..ah.. ahem


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