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Friday, June 24, 2005

Wow, what a day yesterday turned out to be.
Went to Southport with ginger lamb where I got to skate for the first time this year! I love skating, I really wish I could skate more without looking like a prat. I wish I could fit my skates in to take them over to the states - no one gets mocked over there.
I have burns on my arm and neck where I must have missed with the sun cream... very delicate..
My Texan (Evan) says aparantly I'm going to cook like a small chicken in Texas... so I'm slightly worried about my pale pale skin.. lol... be reet.
So, yeah last night... went to a comedy night, a free one, result, with Chris. There were only about 4 people in the audience and the rest of the audience was acts, or other acts that were supporting the night. Anyway, Chris was headlining, but he decided as there wasn't a lot of people that to do some sort of improv thing. So I was roped in to do some games. Was rather interesting to get up in front of a tonne of comedians! Rather scary. Anyway, the guy who runs the night loved it! (mostly cos he joind in and was very good). Was also strange to play some games NO HOLDS BARRED as it were. We did Worlds Worst (went great) Forward Reverse (didn't work), Last Action Joke (guys didnt' quite get the hang of it) and Household Olympics (went down very well.. the guys commentating were great, need to learn more about Offers and the like though). The point for doing this was to get people more into improv and then they might be more willing to join or at least WATCH CSz when it reaches manc... Was fun and interesting.... and I got a couple of laughs. And succesfully 'slammed' someone... aparantly.
Currently listening to the Beatles, and chilling a bit - although should be doing some work.

Skating in Southport..

Ang again, but this time just being stupid..


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