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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Birthday FUN!

OK, it's not til wednesday, but I have a stupidly busy week next week and will have no time to celebrate my 27 years on the planet. Had a fun time bowling where I actually didn't get at all competitive, and even came second to last in the last game.. Liz did ace near the end and got her first strike of the night on her last go! Hehe. Ste looked well, was really nice to see him again, he's hoping to come and visit me in manc in a couple of weeks - that'd be groovy to spend some quality time with him. After bowling we went to eat, which was pleasant. I ate a stupid amount, which really was stupid as I've been doing really well eating heathily the last few days and just wrecked it with pizza burgers and cheesecake.. ugh... Anyway, I am now completing Chris's birthday gift from last week where I promised to watch a documentary of Eddie Guerrorororooro (?), a wrestler, that I bought him, with him. ENjoy pix of my partay!


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