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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Last night it was Dentists that mentally tortured me... wake up convinced I had a hole in a tooth...
Last night was good fun, the longest I've stayed at a comedy club in ages. I don't drink, or know many people, so the long breaks get tedious for me, I want to watch a show, not watch people getting pissed. But it just so happened that I knew everyone on the bill! And mister hair joined us too, so I was never without someone to talk to. All the acts were great, Gonzo had a hard time, but bless he's new, and for being new very good! Chris rocked the kasbah. Then we came back and I made us a veggie balti :D With rice and garlic bread (mixing my food types there a little).
So last night we saved money, and today I'm off to the gym to work it off. Later I'm filming a sketch then even later going bowling for my birthday :D I've not booked so I don;t know what the deal will be, I don't even know who's coming... some of my friends have even bailed cos they want to watch Dr Who... so whatever.
I have next weekend as well for birthday treats in London with Chris, Mister Hair, Rach, Rach, Rach and KT I think ... and possibly the Dug.
Off to the gym before I lose my nerve


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