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Sunday, April 16, 2006

I LOVE DAISY...before I go any further... she's given me a DVD with Fist of Fun BOTH SERIES on!!!!!!! AND This MOrning With Richard not Judy! WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO
Chris's ACTUAL birthday!
Lots of fun was had, including a lovely indian meal where Chris's mum had driven up to join us. She, with Chris's brother and sister in law to be, had sneaked out earlier in the day to deck the resturant out with lots of embarrasing banners and the like ;) ROCK! After that we went over to the Comedy Store and listened to some cool music, mostly sung by a lady who's leg wouldnt' stop moving... but it was really good.
Was on the radio this morning with the ginger lamb, which was fun :D Advertised ComedySportz a bit more... hopefully some of this is going in!
Eating my only easter egg right now which was from Chris's mum. I didn't want any ideally as I'm trying really hard to look after myself now.
Watching Fist of Fun now :D yay!!!!!!!


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