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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Had a good meeting with the theatre this morning, calmed me down a bit, then a nice meal with my nana, who I don't see nearly enough of, then came back to a very jolly ginger lamb after he'd been on the radio all morning. Aparantly he's on there again tomorrow - Revolution fM... you can listen online if you want to :D
My madness begins next week, only a little... by the week of my birthday I will be working every night and day expect Sunday! And I get Thursday nights off too... sheesh... most of it's paid though... I'm going to be tiiiiiiiiired... SO I want to relax a bit... only problem today WRESTLING IN THE LIVING ROOM!! ugh...

me looking like I'm trying to eat Nana, I wasn't, especially as I'd just enjoyed a splendid meal.


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