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Monday, April 03, 2006

Went to Middlesborough last night to see Chris and Dug. Drove there in my lovely new motor (which seems a bit greedy on the fuel, must learn to slow down a bit more I think... damn). Chris was great, although he had what looked to me like a bit of a funny turn in the middle, which really freaked me out. He pulled himself out of it and had a belter with some material I'd not heard before, and lots of wicked banter. He rocks at that. Dug took part in the Gong Show section of the night and was first up, he was bricking it, but survived the five minutes! And he was only one of TWO to do that, GO DUG! The prize for it was £100, which is ridiculous, but also , woah, yay. Anyway, Dug didn't win, the other guy did, and he could have very easily not won as at the end the audience were invited to take part. A random called Lewis got up and talked for 5 minutes in a thick geordie accent about a whale and a beach 10 minutes from him house... at least that's all I got, then pretended to stage dive and danced with a bloke in the audience... he very nearly won for that! Sheesh.
Anyway, it was a fun night, and I got to open my car up a bit... I've done 300 miles since picking it up on Saturday!
And I'm about to do some more as I now head into Chorley for a meeting.


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