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Friday, April 07, 2006

Last night was interesting... went to Three Minute Warning in Crewe, and there was NO audience! Literally. I felt dreadful for Chris, mostly as it's not his job to advertise the show and secondly because he works really hard for that show! Anyway, it was WEIRD, but also fun, as everyone just got up and did a turn for each other. Leigh, from the workshops, took his first tentative steps into the land of Stand Up, and did OK. He has much to learn, and he knows it,I think he was glad he got to do it with no audience first just to get a feel for it, he's on again in a month, good luck to him.
Comedian John Scott stayed here last night, and is still here now (I can hear Ben telling him his set... oh dear), lots of beards in the house... ROCK!
I wrote a bit of stand up this morning... maybe one day I'll actually have the nerve... ooooo


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