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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Yesterday was long but delightful.
Went over to sunny Bradford to pick up my leaflets (which look ace!) and to meet up with Ben's pal Nicky, who is also ace.
Had a meal that can only be described as the most surreal meal I've had... involving the chef bringing meals out of the door, then returning to the kitchen and throwing all the food in the bin! Bizarre, I got my meal about half an hour after it was ordered, and after Ben and Nicky had almost finished.
We saw a lot of places that Ben used to hang out at as a kid, and went for a walk (which we are trying to do more of in general... having said that Chris and I are joining a gym this week), I ate some Winter Nips, we then went to the National Museum of Photography! Steven and I tried to go once to that back in the late 90's... and it was SHUT! So I was pleased to finally get in there! Some lovely cameras, I was rather excited! I don't think Ben knew what to do with me. We then bumped into someone who knew Ben when he 'was this high' (height by the way), and went to the IMAX! Where we watched 3D leopards humping. "Yeaaaaaaaaah, Africa!" (theme song of the day.)
As it was then rush hour we decided to stop in at Ben's parents to wait out the traffic and have a drink... then home... I dozed while I listened to Chris and Dug on the radio! They were really fun to listen to! Talking of the radio, I'm going on Revolution with Chris this weekend! ROCK!


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