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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

What a fun and full day!
KT, Darryl, Steph and the Wareing came to visit today (after getting lost at the airport!). Our plan was to film all day.. but we really didnt' have any decent enough ideas floating around til the last minute when we made THIS:

We did have a great day out at Pizza Hut and the Trafford Centre (Don't stop me noooooooow). Katie and I went on a simulator which was a snow plough basically, I felt the council might have not been too pleased with us seeing as we basically just rode around at really high speeds not moving any snow.

Lots of fun. Then I went to work, which was less fun, just as some of the kids are really hard work on a Tuesday. Which is a shame, as I really want them to do well, and some of them in that group have talent, and it's a shame a few noisy 'gitty' ones who are just there to look cool mess it up for the others. Ahh well, I think I will have to rule more with an iron fist, or take a very very loud whistle from now on.
Tomorrow Mister Hair and I are off to Bradford to pick up my new leaflets from the place he used to work, decent price, so I'm chuffed. We're meeting a pal of his too. Should be interesting to see where he used to work, and live in general. I love that stuff.
Well, Dug's birthday down, Chris' and mine to go! Chris' this week, mine two weeks tomorrow. Am going to organise another zapzone and bowling party I think :D Was much fun last time :) I have even MORE people to invite this time! Once again, shame my american pals can't join me :( I'd be ridiculously happy if I could have Jill, Jenny, Jer, Debbie, Maria, Justin, Mike etc there... but, that's life... and life is short, life is shit, and soon it will be over...
Showed Ben Brain Candy last night - GREAT film! Liz's favourite. Chris managed about half an hour of it before he had to go to bed.
Dug and Ben are at XS tonight, not been there for AGES! I hate standing up for any length of time though, and that's what you have to do to watch the show there, so that puts me off. Plus all smokey, etc. But the company is always good.
I have decided that I'm bored with Purple hair again now... once I get about an inch of regrowth I'm bleaching and starting again, think I'm going to go nice and orange, been a long while since I was orange. Couple of years! Was watching an old CSz video with the guys today, reminded me how cool my hair looked orange ;) I went to my first tournament with orange hair, most people thought it was natural! If only, I've always wanted red hair... why do you think I surround myself with red heads! ;) Sorry Liz, auburn.
Hey, just got my confirmation of press tickets for Paul Merton's tour too! Yay, improv goes to the masses! Can't wait! And for free too... ROCK!
Need to get back cracking on the project i'm doing over the summer. It's all down to me, and I'm excited for once, rather than being daunted. Could it be that I'm finally getting some self confidence? Nooooo surely not ;) Who knows... maybe.
Rightyho going to spend some quality time with the ginger lamb now.


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