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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Just got back from my auditions at the theatre. A large gathering... I HATE turning people down for parts :( HATE IT. But obviously there are only so many....
so I made Darren do it.
the power!
BLess, thanks Darren for calling everyone up!
Rehersals start straight away! Tomorrow! I have work at the Uni 2-5, then at the agency 6-8 then straight to rehearsal! I'm gonna die! My brain will be frazzled!
I've not even THOUGHT about what I'm going to do at the agency yet. Be reet.
Anyhoo. That's one thing off my mind, I hate auditions - in either seat for it.
I've just suddenly got very tired, I may go to bed early... although, I hate wasting an evening... maybe I'll knit, or visit Ben in the pub... hmmm


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