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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Finally after two days of asking Ben is hoovering! I'm fed up with being the only one who seems to know that there are more carpets than the living room one in the flat!
Talking of Flats, Chris and I are going to start looking for one of our own soon, I can't wait. I'm really ready to have a proper place to live now, not a student-ville place anymore.
Met up with the moomin today at ASDA where I bought all the cat stuff for while I'm away. Doogles is going to look after them.
Last CSz workshop for the summer yesterday, was good fun. Glad to get a bit of a rest though if I'm honest, and not much of a rest really, off to the states on Friday! Hardly ready at all! Getting there though...
Here are some pics from yesterday


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