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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Welch and I are officially international playwrights!
We both submitted one page plays to a show taking place in Wisconsin, USA, and they were accepted. I submitted three, well, it was one but in three parts... and they did them all! Rach sent a one page version of keeping annabelle which went down well :D
Here's what my mum said about it all:

Went to the Short Shorts thing last night.They LOVED yours, I think it got the most laughs,,,and Rachel's got great laughs too.

I had worked with the boy who played 'Dave'..he met me as I arrived and we had a little chat,though at that time I didn't know he was going to be Dave..There wasn't a programme and it was all done in the Bar.. so it was very VERY informal. The girl who wrote to you played Tanya..The reference to Friends got a huge laugh and they were so into it that when she stabbed him there was a great guffaw , so much so that he had to really wait to get the last line in...this then got an even bigger laugh!.


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