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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Still felt a bit pooey today, but the lovely Julian (seen to the left back in 1998 with me) visited today which cheered me up, he always makes me laugh. We even filmed some stuff for my ongoing "Where are they now" sketch (6 months in the making and counting...). Work was tiring and made me feel even iller annoyingly.

I stuck this online today:

Hehe. Good times. We had a giggle watching back on some old stuff.... oh to be that thin again, cried us both! We realised we'd known each other nearly 10 years! Madness! It's strange how you realise how old you're getting when you only see someone every couple of years! Yes Julian 2 YEARS IS A LONG TIME! We need to hang out more you poo head!

Anyway, Chris has gone to bed so I may join him.


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