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Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Hmmmm... the lowest turn out of any CADOS play I've ever done... not that I'm being precious about it, but it's a shame for the cast.
The lack of audience , and first night nerves, seemed to really freak the cast out and the first half was sloooooooow. Not time wise, just cue wise. No one seemed to be on their game at all. Second half picked up though. One good thing about having a small opening night was we could use it as a test to see what worked and what didn't... some of the stuff we put in worked, some of the stuff in the script didn't. We have moved some stuff around and added an ending as no one realised that it HAD ended! We had some technical problems too. SOme of them my fault.

(what I wrote on my other blog)
Now, I know I'm not losing any money, and it's only amateur theatre and all that...

but only 40 people in for opening night?! I've never had such a bad turn out!

Now, it could be the raise in price, or the fact the poster had the wrong number on, or the fact the poster looks more like what it's supposed to be parodying, or the lack of newspaper space, or the fact that it was only a few weeks after the last show.... or whatever... I dunno.

But I'm gutted... not just for me, but for the cast who have worked ridiculously hard! And are continuing to do so.

Please do try and get down to see it if you can.


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